Wednesday, March 09, 2016

My First Site Engineering Experience - Prequel

If I can only use 3 words to describe my six and half months tenure, I would choose : Exhilarating, Stressful, and Exciting.

When I was given the opportunity to go to site as a Field Engineer, I had hitherto caulked up three and half years of design experience only. It was rare for one with such limited experience to be sent to site I was told. Mind you; we're talking about the oil & gas industry.

My manager called me up to his office one fine day in the month of June. After exchanging pleasantries, he went straight to the point and inquired If I was interested in going to site to work. Apparently my mentor had just finished his one-year contract and desisted in extending his term.

This created an opening which needs to be filled and the senior engineers who were working in this project did not want this assignment. He assumed that the work should be almost completed and he exclaimed; " Only, Close out! Should be no big issues."

I was overjoyed, I had just started thinking of going to get some site experience. It's a prerequisite to getting the P.Eng examinations anyway. And here this fine offer just falls into my lap. God must love me and the stars aligned together with the moons.

But there were some doubts in my mind and I asked him, "Really? Only close out?" Of course I wasnt expecting an answer any different. Its not like he's gonna go, Ohh, I lied just to get your attention. Actually blah blah blah. Nevertheless, there are somethings that has to be said to show a record of it.

I agreed.

A young engineer as I am, and given this opportunity. I grabbed it by the bull's horn and just prayed that I would not die at site. Or create such a big fuck up to be sent home immediately too.

So August came, and the last week before departure was a mess. I only received the confirmation that I was definitely going a week before the departure date. And within that time, I had to obtain the visa and work permits, health checks and of course to settle personal affairs.

Alas, we managed to get it all sorted out in time. We being the project secretary and myself. She was an immense help who managed to ease the confusing process.

August 12 2015, I boarded MH752, bound for Hanoi taking the next step up on the ladder of my career with nothing but my balls and my brains(some).

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Money is Power.

Another week another revelation. The thing about revelations is, it has got to be revealing to move the minds or to affect the hearts of the masses. When week in week out, we have "news" of things that we already know of, it doesn't stir up much emotion.

This reveals a deep and underlying issue with the society of our country and shows that the political maturity much less the political will of the masses is still in the benign stage. I had wanted to use the growth stage but we aren't exactly growing or progressing much are we?

The severity and number of scandals surrounding a number of elected officials is mind-boggling. How can one enact or be allowed to do such a thing in a "democratic", "free" and "developed" country such as ours? And how does on survive the political deathbed even after being caught red-handed?

Could be that outwardly, we have all the looks and impressions of a democratic country with checks and balances and democratic institutions to enforce the democratic free-will of the people that actually we aren't?

Laws to stifle free speech and to punish expression of different opinions. Laws to send people to jail if they dare to raise their voice or type on their keyboard. Where lays our freedom of speech and the right to have our own opinion? Does every word spoken, every speech made, every article written require the censorship of "Big Brother"?

Moving the masses is the hardest thing to do. I think. Society as a whole is lethargic and lazy. But I had expected that when push comes to shove, with our sovereignty in jeopardy; with our image in tatters; we would all come together to get rid of the cancer that is slowly but surely destroying our country.

I guess Yannis Varoufakis' observation holds more water than i thought. He recently opined, in a TED talk that there are 2 distinct spheres. The political sphere and the monetary sphere. It is evident that here, money talks all the way baby.

Separation of powers my ass.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

You are an embarrassment

You always shout that you and your people have pride. One should not challenge another's pride or the warrior in them will rise.

How come then with the world watching, you slipped on the very banana skin that you threw down for others? The irony of all these gaffes and stupidity is that you no longer have a pride. Just a desperate man fighting for survival and the survival of your kind.

One can simply sweep things under the carpet in one's own house. But with the blinds half closed and the curtains half drawn, outsiders could very well see the shenanigans that's happening inside.

Immunity from prosecution once removed. Could this long carrot be enticing enough? It was once believe that maybe, just maybe there is some pride left. Maybe that offer would be taken up. But recent events has shown that its no longer possible. Probability is as low as the country being classed as a developed nation.

We may have first world infrastructure but our mentality is still stuck in the 2nd to third. So much potential, all in waste because of a few men or a woman's greed.

I feel much ashamed and embarrassed.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

The world stands in solidarity with France and the hundred of innocent civilians who were thrown without warning to face the scythe of death swung by fanatical zealots of unsound mind.

Vive Le France
Purportedly by IS for the revenge on the attacks by France in Iraq and Syria,  this heinous crime speaks volumes on the culpability of the human mind to latch onto whatever offers hope and salvation when faced in the moment of despair.

It can be ascertain that these terrorist, whether from IS or some other group, are motivated persons acting in coordination from a well-thought plan that was hatched a long time ago. We are lucky that the damage was not much more.

However, who in the end will suffer from these needless actions? With Europeans countries all considering sealing their borders from the influx of countless immigrants. I am sure and these are tilted more towards favouring closing the borders.

It is justifiable. The European governments cannot be blamed for being selfish or cowed into closing their borders. One has to protect one's home first and then one can go on to protect the community with good faith. If the affairs of one's home is a mess, how can people trust you with their safety?

Hence, I believe that the innocent immigrants running away from war in their home will pay the ultimate price for the selfish actions of these terrorist who profess to defend the rights of their fellow citizens and countrymen. But who infact, in one fell swoop, fucked the lives of all the other potential asylum seekers.

Sealing their borders will ensure the influx of potential terrorists are stemmed and would allow the authorities to track and check previous immigrants who have entered their state. This is the first and most important step to take to be able to filter and detect and eventually to deter future acts of terrorism,

God knows how many terrorists have already infiltrated into Europe and beyond by posing as innocent, helpless immigrants.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

An Opinion piece by Adli Ghzi that I read. An opinion piece by myself.

Two days ago I read an opinion piece on by  Adli Ghzi titled "The overbearing cockiness of DAP." The gist of the article is that Malays will never vote for DAP because it is mainly a Chinese party. He and his friend went to a DAP convention and was turned off by the chinese-ness of the function. And he goes on and on about this.

There is a sliver of truth. DAP has targeted and won  most major urban  seats. The economic powerhouse of Selangor and the industry darling of Penang. The 2 richest state in terms of commercial bar any national resources which was granted to backwater states like Sabah and Sarawak and the eastern coast. There is an air of confidence because they have managed these 2 states well and they believe that they can carry this virtue to all states,

I chose my words carefully there to pin a point. In one hand the product of good governance. The other of poor governance. Corrupt or not, good governance goes a long way in producing and encouraging commercial creativity to uplift the society as a whole.

The same must be demanded by people of other city and states. They must demand good governance first and foremost, then they would have more energy to purse their interest without hindrance from the governing bodies. Malays can continue to push for their islamisation of the country and the chinese can continue with commercial exploitation of all communities and the Indians can concentrate on producing Doctors and Lawyers. At least, that's how the stereotype goes anyway.

To claim unilaterally that the Malays would not vote for DAP is an admission that the Malays cannot see past race based parties. If this is true, after 58 years, we are still stuck in the divide and conquer mentality set by the British and expanded by our own Mamak. 

Better to claim lesser educated Malays will not vote for DAP because they fear they are unable to compete in a well-governed state with meritocracy based policies. SO instead of the society as a whole growing and improving together, the author merely drum down the idea of DAP because of its racial demography will not be able to move far beyond the 2 urban and rich states. However there are substantial Malay voters in these constituency. Hmmmmm. 

The author goes on to say that if UiTM opens to the all races as a University-a place of learning- should be doing in the first place, the Malays will lose their places in that University. With affirmative policies in Universities and for scholarships, the Malays are the majority in ALL state Universities. Alas, it does make one wonder if obtaining a degree automatically makes one educated? Mind you, I'm sure UiTM is a good university in its own special way however to say that the Malays will be pushed out and that it will be swarming with non-malays if the University decides eventually to accept non-malays is wholly insulting the Malays.

Born in the same geography and in similar circumstances, why are Malays so fearful and automatically rejects their own ability to compete with the others in a fair system? What is it about this inferior mentality that is being pushed down from the government down the the people and the people are taking it in with mouths wide open? Why? Why?